Lobbying for baby calf exports

In an article published last week in Farmers Weekly,
Australian live animal export company Austrex NZ advocates
for the export of four day calves as an alternative to
"Tapped on the head", referring to the use of a
blunt trauma.

Marianne, SAFE campaigns manager
Macdonald said the export company seems to be trying to
influence the government's live export review.

could be news for Austrex NZ that the use of blunt force
trauma is illegal, except in an emergency, "says
Macdonald. "We would be dismayed to see baby animals that need
be fed regularly, subjected to such a long
trips. "

It looks like Austrex NZ is trying to
circumvent our animal welfare laws and push for approval
despite limits to the export of young calves.

Animal Welfare (Care and Procedures) Regulations 2018
than the maximum transport time for younger calves
14 days is 12 hours. Air freight would be the only
a practical method of exporting in such a case and would
too expensive for large animals like

"Exporting live animals is quite stressful
for adult cows, "said Macdonald." The government would
to roll back the minimum protections that currently exist for
allow exporters to ship four day calves

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